The mission of the Foundation and Institute to Improve World Health is to identify effective ways to prevent and treat Metabolic Syndrome so that Metabolic Health 4 Life™ can lead to improved health, productivity and longevity in human societies around the world. This website was developed for Health-Care professionals who have a keen interest in Metabolic Syndrome and its relationship to chronic degenerative disease, aging and premature death. As part of meeting the challenge of Metabolic Syndrome, this website is dedicated to a full discussion and review of emerging concepts that relate to the following aspects of Metabolic Health:

  • Evolution Theory
  • Mechanisms and causes of chronic degenerative disease and premature aging
  • Associated risk factors
  • Diagnosis, prevention, treatment and cure of chronic degenerative disease



Improve World Health™ includes the Foundation and Institute to Improve World Health, a 501c3 non-profit California corporation established in 2015. The Foundation and Institute have been established to support intramural and extramural activities, respectively.



George A. Scheele, III, M.D.

President of the Foundation and Institute

Dr. George A. Scheele, Physician, Inventor, Author and Entrepreneur, has recently developed the concept of Metabolic Health 4 Life™ that links Selective Protein Deficiency Syndrome with the risk factors and diseases associated with the Metabolic Syndrome. Dr. Scheele has also developed Factor4 Weight Control®, a delicious nutritional shake/smoothie that contains Power Amino Acids®, which combat protein deficiency syndromes associated with overweight disorders, obesity, type 2 diabetes, lipid disorders, cardiovascular disease, autoimmune disorders, cancer and dementia syndromes.

Schooled in the Ivy League and trained in Medicine at Johns Hopkins and the University of California at San Francisco, Dr. Scheele served as Professor of Medicine at the Rockefeller University, Yale University school of Medicine and Harvard Medical School. A pioneer in understanding chronic degenerative diseases in humans, he also participated in research that won two Nobel Prizes in Medicine.


Non-Profit Programs

The Foundation and Institute to Improve World Health support a number of projects to improve world health as follows:

  • Develop new evolutionary theory and concepts behind selective protein deficiency to explain how 20,000 proteins work together to optimize healthy growth and metabolism in the body.
  • Show how this new Discovery Platform and Database transform nutritional health in order to combat individual chronic degenerative diseases and aging.
  • Further develop a new technology (Accelerated Amino Acid Delivery or AAADT) capable of effectively preventing and treating a diverse spectrum of chronic degenerative disorders.
  • Design a new Health-Care Infrastructure that may be used in conjunction with the internet to enhance the prevention and treatment of chronic degenerative diseases and aging throughout the world.
  • Fund extramural research to develop new clinical tests capable of diagnosing early forms of protein deficiency associated with specific chronic degenerative diseases and aging.
  • Hold an annual meeting in La Jolla, CA, to review the scientific and clinical progress in this new field of Medicine
  • Coordinate these six new areas of discovery to focus on achieving the twin goals of:
  • Improving world health

  • Lowering health-care costs


The background achievements of Dr. Scheele’s efforts and the current status of his understanding of chronic disease and aging may be reviewed at www.SelectiveProteinDeficiency.com.