Operating Plan

The Operating Plan will involve the following activities:


  • 501c3 status was registered in the State of California in April, 2015.



  • A board of Directors with 3 trustees will be selected from the USA.



  • A Scientific Advisory Board has been established with Dr. George Scheele as Chair and three additional members as a starting group. Additional members of the SAB will be selected as necessary. In addition to Dr. Scheele, the current board is comprised of:
    • Fred Gorelick, Dean, Yale University School of Medicine
    • Raul Urrutia, Professor of Molecular Biology & Epigenetics, Mayo Clinic
    • Ernst Schaefer, Professor of Medicine, Tufts University Medical School and Chief Scientific Officer at Boston Heart in Newton, MA.



Improve World Health intends to approach large Foundations interested in the specific areas of chronic degenerative disease and aging to seek appropriate funding for its activities.


Seed Financing for The Institute

We intend to raise $5 million in seed financing to launch THE LA JOLLA PROJECT: The Health-Care Project of Our Time. Seed financing will be used to hire the initial bioinformatics team as well as attract an additional $20 million to complete the project as defined below.


Initial Funding Goals for The Institute

A budget of $5 million will be sufficient to initiate the La Jolla Project as a demonstration project. An additional $20 million will be required to complete the project. The milestones for this demonstration project are as follows:

  • Collect the estimated 20,000 genes from the human genome and archive them into a proprietary database.
  • Categorize the genes and their protein products according to their amino acid content and charge characteristics, including isoelectric point (pI).
  • Determine the functions of the proteins with the highest charge (isoelectric point), those most vulnerable to selective protein deficiency syndrome.
  • Develop testable hypotheses on how the loss of specific positive-charged proteins could explain the pathogenesis of individual diseases. For example, at www.SelectiveProteinDeficiency.com/evolution-theory, we have identified protein candidates that appear to be responsible, in large part, for the diet-related development of (i) obesity, (ii) Type-2 diabetes, (iii) pancreatitis, (iv) toxin-induced liver cancer, (v) colon cancer, (vi) cancers due to loss of DNA repair and P53 tumor suppression, (vii) aging syndromes, (viii) telomere dysfunction leading to premature aging, (ix) age-related sarcopenia (x) Dementia syndromes and (xi) anandamide regulation of well-being and procreation.
  • Publish these findings.


Later Funding Goals for The Institute

In order to complete Specific Aim #1 (The La Jolla Project) and the other three specific aims described in the Strategy Statement, Improve World Health intends to raise $100 million dollars.

Our model for funding a large medical institute is taken from the Broad Institute for Genetic Research in Boston, MA. This Institute was originally funded by Eli Broad, a wealthy industrialist from Los Angeles. Mr. Broad invested $25 million and found three additional wealthy investors to each provide $25 million, reaching the institute’s goal of $100 million.



Hire administrative staff:

  • George Scheele, President
  • Administrative Assistants/Bookkeepers
  • Chief Financial Officer/Controller

Rent Office/Laboratory Space

  • Office & Laboratory space will be rented near UCSD, an academic teaching center in L Jolla, CA
  • Construct a 3D protein visualization center



Hire a Grant Writing Team

  • 5 to 10 scientists hired for conducting literature research, writing scientific papers, submitting grant applications (NIH, SBIR, foundations), and contacting private foundations

Hire Scientific Personnel:

  • 5 senior scientists will be hired with impressive Systems Biology training and experience in Bioinformatics Database Management
  • Database managers

Purchase Equipment

  • 5 online computer work stations
  • 15 office computers
  • Computer database technology



Engage a clinical trial team

  • To monitor regulatory issues and design/execute clinical trials



Hire a Professional Writing Team

  • 4 to 6 professional writers will work with Dr. Scheele to generate a nonprofit book franchise focused on improved nutritional and metabolic health



Influence lasting social change related to “Improve World Health” by engaging in the following activities:

Internet Plans:

  • Fund webmaster, SEO and social media for existing books and projects.
  • Make use of internet technologies, including Facebook, Twitter, Mobile devices, email marketing etc.
  • Social media is excellent for spreading the word on new concepts.


Engage Academic Coverage:

  • Research Grants will provide new information and research findings.
  • Lectures with honorariums will establish the bona fides of concepts, products, etc. Select a leading academic to make a presentation. A keynote speaker may be compensated $50,000.
  • Academic prizes: Prizes confer the mantel of being an expert on a prize holder. Prizes can legitimize new concepts and can help spur research and books. Award ceremonies provide big clout.
  • Endow Chairs. Endowed Chairs, requiring several million dollars each, should be named after a prominent person. The professor influences curriculum, textbooks, additional staff and subsequent tenure appointments.


Engage Think Tanks

  • Think tanks conduct research and engage in advocacy.
  • They produce reports which will be needed to support proposed legislation.
  • Their experts write op-eds and articles which are published in the general media
  • They hold conferences and other events that are attended by media people
  • They appear in major media
  • They sponsor conferences for imparting legitimacy to ideas
  • Journalists and researchers approach those who are considered to be experts
  • Think tanks help establish credibility for and legitimize ideas.


Engage a Public Relations Firm

  • Public relation firms get publicity for content
  • They devise media strategies for introducing concepts and ideas to the general public.
  • Firms generally are staffed by former editors, TV producers, and media experts.


Engage Lobbyists

  • No important legislation gets passed in the US without significant lobbying help